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Coffee Vets brew support for veterans with PTSD

Millions of veterans live with post-traumatic stress disorder and there are a lot of organizations assisting those veterans who are suffering, providing service dogs, counseling and other resources. Now, there’s a campaign to offer more support and it starts with a cup of coffee.

For many coffee drinkers that cup of Joe is part of their daily routine, but one particular kind of coffee is brewed with purpose.

“We looked at what we could do to help these service women and men coming back with PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” Kip Nicely said.

Nicely is a retired senior naval officer. He’s part of Coffee Vets — a group of veterans dedicated to helping service members and their families.

Their new campaign tells the story that often goes unheard about the high suicide rate for veterans with PTSD.

“It’s really hard to digest,” Nicely said.

The video has the reminder that it’s heroic to seek treatment, and it’s a duty to help those who need it.

“It’s hard in relationships. It’s hard in a work environment,” Nicely said.

They say their 22 to Zero Campaign can help make it easier.

“The 22 refers to a couple of things. The first one is that they say there are 22 veterans a day taking their own life for this,” Nicely said.

The other reason the number 22 is significant is that there are also 22 nonprofit organizations — supporting veterans with PTSD — that will receive 100 percent of what the campaign raises.

Dog tags, a bag of coffee and the satisfaction of helping a veteran come with a $22 donation.

Donations are accepted in two ways: Through a GoFundMe page or their website.

Coffee Vets hopes people just give something. The campaign is it in for the haul.

“We’re there until it gets to zero (suicides),” Nicely said.

by: Megan Pringle (News Reporter) @ WBAL TV

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