Giving Back to Americas Heroes, One Cup at Time!


COFFEE VETS is Veteran owned company … on a mission to make a difference for our Heroes one bag of coffee at a time.


COFFEE VETS is the premier sponsor of “22 Heroes to Zero”… a human crowdfunding campaign to COMBAT PTSD! The campaign is focused on helping Veterans suffering with PTSD to live a better life and to combat an illness that is taking the lives of 20 plus Veterans a day.


Please join COFFEE VETS & 22 Heroes to Zero in our mission to COMBAT PTSD!


100% of our net profits go towards helping U.S. Veterans Suffering with PTSD.

War doesn’t end on the battlefield. It’s a tragic fact that 20 plus veterans take their own life everyday due to PTSD.


Our brave men & women have experienced things that we couldn’t begin to imagine.


It’s our duty to help those who are suffering with PTSD.


They’ve fought for us & it’s time we fight for them!  #22HeroesToZero